Grants University – A Resource Site for You

Do you want to start a business?  Create a project that serves your community?  Do you work for a non-profit agency, want to find money and learn how to write powerful grant proposals?  Do you have a specific need – money to go back to school, or support you as you complete a project?   Do you want to become a well-respected, well-paid consultant?

What makes us different is our emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit.  Tapping into the world of grants requires a certain kind of thinker and doer – a person who’s curious, adventurous, creative and tenacious.  For that person, the rewards are great.

You’ve probably received spam, or stumbled across websites of groups that guarantee you’ll receive a grant in the thousands of dollars, just for buying their product and filling in a few forms.  You won’t see that kind of empty promise here.

We won’t promise you there is money to start or grow any kind of business.  In fact, that money is very limited and targeted toward rebuilding economically depressed areas.  But there is grant money for businesses in specific areas, such as affordable housing and training.  We can help you learn more.

Finding grant money, building relationships with funders, and submitting powerful, effective grant proposals takes real knowledge and some time and effort.  It takes the right tools.  And we can give you those tools.

Take a look around the site.  Sign up to receive valuable free information about grants. Check out our classes, e-books, and articles. Then come back and visit often.