Can you imagine how I felt when I looked down

and saw that  huge check  – with my name on it?


Hi – I’m Jillian Coleman Wheeler.

I teach people all about grants.

Welcome to 2016! This year is special, because it’s a leap year. Would you like this to be the year you leap forward – into a new career, or new opportunities to do good in the world?

I’m about to share with you a profound opportunity. A decision you can make NOW, to transform your present reality into a rich future.

Please read this page carefully, however. This offer is time sensitive.

Once the class fills, or the time clock above runs out, you will have lost this opportunity.

In a moment, I’ll tell you all about it – and about our special pricing.

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As you sit in front of the computer reading this letter, can you remember a time when your life changed forever?

I remember. That kind of money is hard to forget.

I’d been writing grants for years. As a matter of fact, I’ve raised a fortune for non-profit and community organizations, for housing developers and individuals…but up until that particular day, always for someone else.

It was a bright spring morning in downtown Austin. I was taking a walk along the lake, planning my day and mentally reviewing the tasks I was completing for a client.

Suddenly – out of the blue – I had an idea so simple, it stunned me. Why not create a project for myself? An apartment complex for single parents and their children, with onsite child care and lots of services…

I had to sit on a park bench, put my head down and catch my breath. Literally. I’d never before let myself think this big. I was scared, and yet it felt so right. With this one idea, my whole world instantly expanded.

Using all the skills I’d developed over the years, I went to work. A few months later, I sat in a City office and signed a contract. Then the man across the desk from me smiled and put a check in my hand.

Can you imagine how I felt when I looked down and saw that check – enough to buy an apartment complex – with my name on it?

I was numb when I bought the apartment complex and provided affordable housing to other single parents and their children. It didn’t hit me ‘til later…the income, and the equity belonged to me! I’d bought an income machine with free money.

Think about how you’d feel, collecting thousands in rent receipts every month! Think about the incredible security of knowing you own a valuable asset, that you’ll always be able to take good care of your family.


Jillian and I are friends and mastermind partners – and now co-writers. She has the ability to sit down with someone and support them in brainstorming projects and creative solutions. She’s done it for me, and for many people I’ve referred to her. Don’t miss a chance to work with her!”

Dr. Joe Vitale, The Secret


Every year hundreds of billions…not millions, not just billions, but hundreds of billions of dollars are given away to people just like you. Grants are more American than grandma’s apple pie – but they aren’t just for Americans!

Grants are available in every country in the world. And the process of finding grants and writing proposals is the same, wherever you live.

I have been using those secrets for  30 years. I have written millions of dollars in successful grant proposals. Now I am ready to tell you all I know.

You, too, can be using these secrets!

Eudine_HerbertDear Jillian,

I was wanted to take a few minutes to say “Thank You” for the classes you offer in Creating Your Own Non-Profit Corporation. The lessons are simple to read and understand, and they are packed with information. The examples that you include are excellent for someone like me who is visual and needs to see things in black and white. I love that fact that while you send the lessons on a weekly basis, I have the choice of working at my own pace, knowing all the while that you will be there to guide and instruct me. The mentoring by itself in invaluable. I have tried before to start a non-profit organization, but without help it is quite daunting. Now, I am motivated to push forward because I have you as my mentor in my corner. YEAH!! I look forward to completing this program and getting my 501c3 application approved. In addition, I am looking forward to getting certified as a grant-writer with you – what worthwhile added benefit. And the price for the classes and your one-on-one mentoring is worth every penny and them some!

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested in learning the ins and outs of creating a non-profit organization. Thank you so much for helping me to start 2009 on a positive note.


Eudine Herbert

I have expanded my consulting business to include a website which serves aspiring grant writers, consultants and business people with information, articles, and as my time permits, multimedia class on finding and writing grants, all delivered to you via email.

Simple…easy to understand, and packed with information.


“The grant-writing tips and support I’ve received from Jill and Grants University continues to be rather amazing. Jill is steadfast, generous, and on top of the ball in providing accessible grant-writing tools. The weekly emailings, strategies and on-on-one advice are invaluable in developing winning grant proposals. Thanks so much, Jill.”

Tonya Pennie, Pennie Consulting

Let me tell you about my classes…

Recently we have improved our format by consolidating and adding more information to our training, including a number of video lessons.

First, you receive our famous class on grants:

What distinguishes these grants classes from other classes you may find is the depth of knowledge you’ll receive, and my years of experience helping entrepreneurs accomplish their personal goals. I am an entrepreneur, and I understand the dynamics of building a successful business. Moreover, at the end of this class, you will have completed your own grant proposal, ready to submit!

If you’re like most people, you’ve always wondered about grants. All that money – who gets it, and how?

I’ve been doing it all my professional life.

I began after my divorce left me with two young children and a need for a job. I wrote grants to fund projects that paid me a salary.

I did good works for the community, created a job for myself, and paid for it all with Free Money.

Absolutely Free Money.

I started my own consulting business. I wrote grants for businesses and individuals, as well as community groups.

The big turning point for me was the apartment complex I received free and clear because I wrote one little grant.

I ended up supporting my family for nine years on that deal, and I walked away with plenty of capital.

But there were so many deals. Tens of thousands here. Millions there. Before you know it, it adds up to real money.

I call it Free Money. With the right information, it’s as easy as picking apples from a tree. Except with grants you can pick all year and never run out of rich ripe fruit.

Grants give you the opportunity to put together deals using other people’s money. Free Money.

You never, ever pay back a grant.

It’s free.

Gratis! On the house. No charge! Yours for the asking! Free!

In most cases, tax-free. (But of course, always check with your accountant.)



“What I learned in your classes gave me all the information I needed to set-up my non-profit and write a grant proposal as well as how to find the most promising sources for my grant. to work on my dream project.”

Teresa Hagmann, PAW Partners of America, Inc.


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Now I can almost hear you thinking, “It can’t be this easy. Who would really give money away?” Here’s the answer.

Government returns a certain portion of the money it collects to the community where taxes were paid. Grants come from the federal, state, county and local governments.

Foundations are set up to provide a vehicle for wealthy individuals, or groups of donors, to make charitable donations and avoid taxes.

Corporations make grants to give back to the communities around them. Some corporations tithe on their profits.

But what they all want is for you to help them in some way. To accomplish their goals, their mission.

They want you to take their money, and put it to work.

Of course there are conditions you must meet. Grants are a win-win proposition, for the donor and for you. Understanding what the donor wants, and building that into your plan, is part of the winning strategy that brings in Free Money.

Now I’m ready to share with you the secrets to that winning strategy.

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Here are some examples of the possibilities grants can create, and what I teach my students:

· A woman interested in reducing gang activity in her neighborhood receives $170,000.00 to buy and renovate a house to use as a Youth Center, and $40,000.00 to pay her a salary to run the program!

· A real estate agent interested in becoming an investor receives $1.2 million to build low-income housing for elderly residents. He owns the property, and the income is his!

· A teacher dreams of creating a model school. She seeks and receives a charter from her state, then a state grant for $200,000.00 startup money. The Charter School receives ongoing federal government dollars for operating expenses – and the students attend free. This teacher receives grants to fund science programs, math programs, field trips and summer activities. She becomes Superintendent of a thriving program that’s driving down the dropout rate in her community, and far exceeding the salary she earned in the public school system!

· Divorced in her forties, a mother of three decides to head back to graduate school. She pays her tuition with $70,000.00 in government and foundation grants, and graduates with no debt!

· A small group of investors interested in affordable housing combines a federal incentive program and state and local grants, to buy and renovate 600 units of housing. They own this multi-million dollar project, and they receive the income!

· A family who had never owned a home, and never thought they could, receives a $10,000 down payment assistance grant and low-interest financing. They buy the home of their dreams!

· A number of men and women, facing a layoff, bored with their current jobs, or seeking a better future, seek out the necessary training, and establish new careers as Certified Grant Writer consultants. These successful men and women are well respected in their communities. They make things happen. And they earn a high hourly income, sometimes including an equity stake in projects they help create!

Your story could be just as powerful!

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Everywhere you look people are building businesses with free money.

Your money.

Yes, they’re using your money. Grant money is there for you to use. The grantor wants you to have it and use it. That’s why they make grants. Free Money is yours for the asking.

So, if you don’t ask, someone else will.

Grant money builds wealth, pure and simple. And it can make you rich, if you have what it takes to succeed in the world of grant seeking.

Grant money can build a business – but not all types of business qualify. Find out how to create a business or grow a business, to take advantage of grants funding.

Let me ask you a couple of basic questions about yourself. Are you the kind of person who is willing to:

· Learn a new system?

· Use specific words and concepts?

· Do simple research?

· Write simple, straightforward language?

If you can honestly answer “yes” to each of those questions, then you qualify to receive this training. I don’t accept everyone. This class represents an investment, and I want you to be successful.

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Become a Professional Grant Writer:

Students who complete our class have the skills to become a Professional Grant Writer. In fact, our classes will show you how to set up your own professional practice as a grants consultant, an exciting, prestigious and extremely lucrative career you can do either full-time or part-time.

Congratulations! You’re about to join a very exclusive club.

You cannot get what these courses teach anywhere else.

You certainly cannot get it from one of those cheap book of lists that claim to tell you all about grants. Those are simply lists of government agencies that gave grants a year or two ago.

Did you know that the grant market changes every single week?

Did you know that if the grant you need is a corporate or foundation grant, it won’t even be in one of those books?

Did you know that the words federal grant makers want you to use change with every administration?

Does it really make sense that you could learn how to get thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars worth of free grants for a $75.00 book?

Of course not.

If that were true, everybody would be doing it, instead of wishing they could do it.

You certainly cannot get this same information jammed into a classroom with several hundred other students.

My classes are being made available to a limited number of students at any time, and because I invest so much of my time in my students, I can only offer them as my schedule permits.

New classes start soon. If you think these may be the classes for you, don’t let this opportunity slip away. Sign up now.

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Our Grants Training Classes are personalized seminars you take in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. They are conducted entirely through email. You receive 10 weekly emails, and during the week you and I communicate through email as you need support.

You receive my personal attention and guidance – all the benefits of my three decades of successful experience writing grants!

You do not have to leave your job. You do not have to travel to another city, rent a car or eat bad hotel food for a week.

Your lessons will arrive by email for you to open at a time convenient to you.

I will review and direct you personally with your assignments. By the time you have completed the classes, you will have created your own powerful grant proposal.

But here’s the most important thing. These classes will give you weeks of access to personal coaching by an entrepreneurial grants guru. Where else can you get that?

Perhaps you’ve been reading and thinking to yourself, “I want to know how to do what Jillian does.” This is your golden opportunity.

I specialize not just in getting grants – and teaching others how to get grants – but in empowering my clients to create successful businesses and organizations.

Here’s what still other clients have to say about my work:

David_CrossMany helpful tips and invaluable information on the grant writing process. The classes taught me to prepare the grants in the proper format needed to win. It was well worth the expense, and I would recommend the Grants Training classes to anyone who is trying to obtain a grant in order to achieve that dream and/or vision. Thank you for everything.

David Cross, Non-Profit Director



And another…

Your course far exceeded my expectations on many levels…you gave us the real scoop on how the world of grant-making works…

The lessons were broken down in logical chunks, enough to be doable within two weeks but challenging and set up to take us through the grant process in a systematic fashion. I’ll use your text for many grants to come.

But equally and perhaps most important, is you. I am completely and utterly blown away by how giving you are. You’re a natural teacher, but more than that. Whenever I asked you a question, presented material, you responded with far more than I ever anticipated. What you promised before the course started, that you set aside these weeks to make yourself available to your students, is not an idle promise. This is a course in which you are completely involved.

Tuition for your course is some of the best money I ever spent.

Sally Bourrie, Portland, OR

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This new class begins September 1, 2015. Demand is high, so act now.

And please understand, only a limited number of students can be accepted.

The opportunity is NOW.

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And here’s more big news –

Enroll now in our Grants Training Classes, and receive the following free bonus designed to maximize your ability to get grants.

Bonus #1 – 2 Month Free Additional Personalized Consultation
For students who enroll in these classes, I am offering a bonus sure to substantially add to the value you will receive. Every graduate of our grants training will receive 2 free months membership in this program. So in addition to the 10 weeks of intensive consultation that is such an important part of the class, you will have ongoing access to my consulting and expertise for an additional 2 months. That’s time to fully develop your program, and all the help you need to do it!

Bonus # 2 – Insider Secrets (What You Absolutely Must Know to Get a Government Grant)

Sign up for the Grants Training Classes and receive a third wonderful bonus, my e-book Insider Secrets (What You Absolutely Must Know to Get a Government Grant) is the vitally-important “how to” component that provides you with all the little known secrets you must have to be successful in securing government grants!

Learn how to make those critical initial contacts, how to write a winning proposal, and, especially, the politics of getting government grants. All this from the woman who has done it, who has proven beyond a doubt she knows those secrets! And it’s yours, absolutely FREE, as a thank you gift for taking the Grants Training Classes.

Bonus #3 – Listing and Contact Information for Grants Information Centers

Did you know there are actually centers around the country that are treasure troves of information about grants? These are places you can physically go and look through books of available grants, or go online and research grants. And here’s the best part: These centers are staffed by people who will discuss your projects with you and advise you – absolutely free!  Hardly anyone has this information – but I do, and I will give it to you as a bonus for enrolling.

Over the years, I have written grant proposals that have made millions of dollars.

I received a check to buy an entire apartment complex!

Now I’m going to teach you how to do what I do. How much is that worth?

Grant writers often get a fee equal to 10% of the grant amount. What is it worth to be able to funnel money into your business? Your pocket?

Here’s the thing. I really want you to have this information. I want you to benefit yourself and your community by taking advantage of Free Money.

I was encouraged by my marketing people to charge at least $3,000.00 for the grants class. Because it would cost that or more for someone to travel to a big city, rent a car, stay in a hotel, eat bad hotel food for a week, and take a grant writing seminar with three hundred other people.

But – I believe passionately that grants are here for us to use. I want you to learn how you can get your share of Free Money.

Eventually I settled on a price of $2297 U.S. For years, my students have stood in line to pay that price.

Ten weeks of one-on-one coaching so you can accomplish your goals. Ten weeks of my time costs my clients $60,000.

Nine weeks of personal web-based instruction from a master grant writer. You learn how to tap into your share of $350,000,000.00.

All for only $2297!

That’s a bargain.

Recently I’ve been busy with other things, and last year I offered the Grants Training Classes only twice.

So for the time being, I have decided to offer you a very special price – Only $1297!

Also, because these classes are a business expense, you may use them as a tax write-off. (Be sure to consult your accountant and follow his or her advice.)

And remember, these classes comes with a full, money-back guarantee. Lesson One will come the first day of the class. Read it and decide if it’s for you – and if it’s not, let me know within three days, and I’ll return every cent of your tuition! When you think about it – you can’t lose!

And remember…

At the end of these classes, you will hold in your hand the power to locate and write grants for your own projects. You’ll know everything you need to get your hands on a treasure chest full of Free Money for you and your business, or to go into business as a Grants Consultant! And in addition, you’ll have access to the bonuses, so you’ll have even more support as you move forward.

But please keep in mind – time is short:

You will be registering for the new class beginning January 18, 2016. These classes can only be offered as my schedule permits, so don’t miss this opportunity!

And you can take advantage of this special pricing. I cannot guarantee this price beyond this one class. In fact, I don’t know when I will be offering the class again, so if you think this is a fit, act now:

Grants Training Classes

Only $1297

Enroll Now!

Sign up today for this rich opportunity!

Just think, in a few short weeks your whole life could change forever. Within only a few weeks, you could be realizing your dream!

All the best,

Jillian Coleman Wheeler


So many people ask what kind of business they should go into. What could be better than getting Free Money for just about anything you want? Talk about recession proof! Writing grants, or funding your work with grants, is one fantastic business opportunity.


I will also be happy to talk with you by phone about whether these classes will meet your individual needs.  Just send me an email and we will set up a time:

Email me at jillian (at) GrantMeRich (dot com).

Grants Training Classes

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