Grants Available for Your Project – Don’t Miss the Boat!

Every year in the United States alone, foundations, corporations, and the government give away literally hundreds of billions of dollars in grant funds – to non-profit agencies, to support certain businesses, and even in some cases to individuals.

Who Gets Grants?

Here are some examples of the possibilities:

– A businessman owns several acres.  He applies for federal tax credits, state and city funds, and a foundation grant, and builds housing.  Today 200 seniors live safely and affordably.  The businessman gets a hefty monthly check from his management company, and he holds equity worth millions of dollars.

– A nurse feels trapped in her job.  Using a grant, she completes her studies to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.  Two years later, with grant funds from her county and a regional foundation, she opens her own clinic. She loves her work and earns four times as much as before.

– A teacher, disillusioned in the public school system, gets a charter from his state to open a school.  Using government grants, he buys a building and hires staff.  State funds support operations, and students attend free.  Today 100 enthusiastic students are flourishing, and the teacher is a principal earning twice his previous salary.

– A writer, hard at work on a novel, is running out of money. He worries he’ll have to take a menial job and never finish his project.  Instead, he’s awarded a grant and lives free on a beautiful ranch while he writes.

– An air-conditioning repairman dreams of going into business for himself, but doesn’t have the money.  His credit isn’t great, and he knows nothing about business plans, or licensing regulations, or tax codes.  With the help of a federally-funded program, he gets unlimited free consulting services and a low-interest loan.  Today he’s the boss – a successful small business owner with ten employees.

Here’s Another Story:

A man (or a woman) is looking for an exciting, satisfying business that requires little or no investment.  He likes people, and figuring things out.  He’s organized, and he can put his thoughts down on paper.  He does some research, obtains high-quality training, and becomes a grant writing consultant.  Today he earns close to $100,000 a year helping others develop and fund community projects.

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