Grants for Women Veterans on the Horizon

May 22, 2012

She_servedThe Department of Veterans Affairs has just published its draft report, Strategies for Serving our Women Veterans. As this report points out, “Women are now the fastest growing cohort within the Veteran community. In 2011, about 1.8 million or 8 percent of the 22.2 million Veterans were women.”

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to an end, and tens of thousands of troops are pouring back into this country, our returning military service members need our support more than ever. They will need healthcare and ongoing therapy for wounds suffered, housing for themselves and their families, and jobs and job training. Publication of this report by the VA is a good indication the government will likely soon be targeting specific grants toward services to women veterans.

If you’re interested in getting grant funding for programs for these vets, you will need to learn how to find all the available grants, and how to writing winning grant proposals. Since 2002, I’ve been offering Grants Training Classes designed to ensure my student will be successful in the world of grants.

You may have heard I’m changing the format of my business, working on a new book and planning to do much more writing and speaking in the future. Last month I offered my final Grants Training Class. My intention was that this would the the very last time I accepted students with whom I would work on a one-on-one basis.

At the end of the enrollment period, however, a number of additional people asked to be able to join. I had to limit the size of that class (as I always do – it’s just not possible to work with too many people that intensively), but those people, and some since, have asked for one more opportunity.

So I’m doing it again. This will be the very last time, absolutely.

So, you have one more opportunity to join the premier class on grant writing in the world. If you want to take advantage of this, you do need to act quickly. This is already filling up.

A payment plan is available. You can also combine this in a Dual Purchase with our real estate grants product, while those are available.

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