The Recipe for Success in Business

April 21, 2008

Do you know the one, surefire recipe for success in business?  Here it is:

Find out what people need and want, and provide it for them.

At the top of the list of needs and wants for many Americans is an affordable place to live. 

According to a recent survey that compared housing costs in 210 American towns with salaries earned by workers in 60 job categories, most retail sales workers,  customer-service reps, food preparation workers, office clerks – even relatively highly paid registered nurses – can’t afford to buy houses (reported by

Between 2000 and 2007, home costs rose 64.9%, while incomes rose only 16.6%.  High real estate costs are also pricing rental units out of reach of many  American workers.

It’s likely this situation exists in your city or town.  And it’s pretty clear that anyone who can offer good quality, affordable housing can build wealth – especially when you factor in long-term appreciation.

Historically, through good markets and bad, real estate values rise over time.  Real estate has always been recognized as the key to building wealth.

The wants and needs of literally millions of people are clear.  They’re desperately looking for safe, affordable housing.  So how can YOU provide a solution,  especially in today’s tight mortgage market?

What if you could purchase properties without a mortage?  I did, and so have thousands of other American investors.

We had a partner: the Government.  The federal government, all the state governments, and almost every local government in the United States is giving away money to people willing to invest in houses or apartment complexes, both existing and new construction, to be used as rental property or to be offered for purchase.  There are literally billions of dollars available in the form of outright grants and low-cost loans.

Surprisingly, these programs are little-known.  Even many experienced investors and property developers don’t know about them.  Or if they do, they’re afraid of them.  People believe it will be too hard to find the programs, too complicated to apply, and too difficult to obtain the funding.

That’s why we’ve produced our resource product on government real estate grants:  The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money.

The New American Land Rush de-mystifies the entire process, and puts every step into plain English.  It shows you how to find the funds, and how to get them.  It even gives you the contact information for the program managers!

The first step is getting the information.  To learn more, and to read about some of our clients who are already enjoying their success, visit:

If you already own some rental property that needs repairs, there are programs for you as well.  If you have ideas for a community project that involves housing (for senior citizens, for example, or returning vets and their families), there are programs for you. 

If you’re looking for help buying or fixing up your own home, or helping a family member do so, check out the section on “Programs for Individuals.”  There are even programs to help families buy farms and ranches.  In fact, The New American Land Rush: How to Buy Real Estate with Government Money details all the programs, for for-profit investors, non-profit agencies, even local governments. 

Whether you already have a real estate investment program underway, or you’re just looking for a solid business that provides short-term income and long-term wealth, head on over to:



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