What Are Grants?

A grant is a free gift of money, goods, or services.  You never have to pay back a grant.  In most cases, grants are tax–free.

Grants truly are a “parallel economy”.  Literally hundreds of billions of dollars are granted each year.  This money stimulates the economy, creates projects the improve communities, creates jobs, supports businesses, and helps dreams come true.

Grants consulting – providing assistance to businesses and non-profit corporations by writing grant proposals – is a highly rewarding career, and always in demand.

There are 3 basic types of grants:  foundation, corporate, and government grants.  Grants can range in amount from a few hundred dollars up to hundreds of thousands, or more, depending upon the project and the funder.

Foundations have been established by wealthy individuals, families or organizations, or through community fundraising efforts, to support worthy projects.  Every foundation has certain causes it wants to support.

Some foundations give to support youth or the elderly, some want to underwrite medical research, and still others are committed to creating social change.  If you have a project that will benefit humanity, chances are there’s a foundation that will be interested in hearing about it.

There are over 70,000 foundations in the United States alone – and many more all over the world.

Corporations often establish their own foundations, or they give money through their community service departments.  Some corporations set aside a percentage of their profits for giving.  Like foundations, corporations choose the types of projects they want to support.

When requesting money from a corporation, remember that one of the company’s motivations in giving a grant is positive public relations.  Always think of ways in which you can assist the company in achieving their goal of looking good to potential customers.  Offer to honor the company at an event, or install a permanent plaque in recognition of their gift.

Government grants are available from the federal government, and from state, county and city governments.  Governments have two ways of carrying out their responsibilities.  One is by doing a job directly.  As an example, the federal government handles the national defense function by employing and deploying the armed forces.

But the government finds it’s more effective to subcontract many of its responsibilities.  For instance, much of the country’s affordable housing is built through by private business and funded through government grants.  Sometimes the feds give the money directly.  Sometimes they make “pass-through” grants to state and local government entities, which then distribute the grant funds.

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