Young Mother Benefits from Education Grant

March 13, 2014

1491R-1166013In 2009,  Brittney Ferara achieved one of her life goals.  As the recipient of a scholarship from the Patsy Takemoto Mink Fellowship,  she moved out of the shelter where she had been living, and paid the deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment of her own.  This gave her a place for quiet study, and a room for her young daughter, Zora.

By itself, the $2,000 grant wasn’t a lot of money.  But along with other financial aid,  it enabled her to continue working toward her Associates Degree at Seattle Central Community College.

Brittney’s journey to stability was a long and difficult one.  As a child, she survived abuse, and ran away from home at fourteen.  Living on the streets, she experimented with drugs. But she knew she wanted more out of life.  Still, she had no resources other than her own commitment to succeed.  A counselor at her college encouraged her to apply for the Mink award.

Patsy Mink served in the U. S. Congress, representing her native Hawaii  to 1977, and then from 1992 to 2002, the year of her death.  During that time she was instrumental in passing Title IX, the legislation that brought gender equality to American education.  After her death, her husband and daughter honored her by establishing the foundation in her name.

The Mink Fellowship award is just one of many hundreds of scholarships available to students from every type of background, a, nd for every level of education from technical school to community college, undergraduate and graduate school.

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